New collections 2016

New collections 2016

Essential of Cerim

Imperceptible, precious faceting or minute imperfections: everyone can see in Essential of Cerim what comes closest to their aesthetic aptitude and thus imagine settings with a strong and unconventional personality.


The pleasure of playing with matter and affirming your style, with clean lines but determined character.

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Onyx of Cerim



Exuberant and voluptuous, this ancient material uses precious shades to enrich Cerim’s aesthetic proposal.


Light caresses the bright surfaces, making the most hidden details resplendent, a moment to lose oneself imagining faraway places and subtle atmospheres.


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Natural Stone of Cerim


Elegance is attention to detail and Natural Stone stems from this assumption.


It revisits the ancient taste of slates coming from northern lands, with consistency and sinuous, chromatic harmony.

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I Tessuti di Cerim



A light texture, delicate to look at and especially to touch, to fully perceive its soft, material quality.


Simple yet sophisticated, I Tessuti di Cerim, creates suggestive scenarios which adapt to any surface, enhancing settings with an aura of excitement.

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